Monday, November 24, 2008

Zombie Food Chain Tee

Thanks to Gary for pointing out this amazing T-shirt from Threadless.

I bought one immediately. Economic slowdown be damned. If flesh-eating dead are going to destroy life on earth as we know it, a little bit of credit card debt isn't going to hurt anyone. I recommend that every man, woman, and child buy one immediately.

Hell, even zombies are wearing them. Check out this guy:

It is strange that this ghoul doesn't show any obvious signs of trauma. The skin is pale, but there aren't any tell-tale scratches, slashes, or bite marks. Maybe he was bitten on his ankle or something. Anyway, it's still one nasty looking zombie that will probably give me nightmares.


Bud the CHUD said...
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Bud the CHUD said...

This actually looks more like the food pyramid. Like I should only have 2-3 servings of human per day.

Zombie Ree said...

I recommend at least one gram of human per pound of bodyweight if you are trying to put on lean muscle mass.