Sunday, November 16, 2008


Thanks to Pig the Elder for getting this thing kicked off. Here's the preliminary rotation for movies:

December: Newton
January: Isphording
February: Thompson, Gary
March: Passo
April: Ree
May: Hopping
June: Dubois
July: Raunpig, C
August: Kress

Additional members will be added as necessary.

Also, here's are some good sites for additional research: Self explanatory Create your zombie alter-ego These dudes seem pretty cool and have their own zombie club. Perhaps one day we can join forces. Or destroy them. Good weapons and gear section. But beware, some suggestions are more useful than others.

Personally I would use my two Katanas. They are legit. I didn't even get them in America, I got them from the Asian countries surrounding Japan, such as Korea and the like. I am a master while using the blade (not an exaggeration), and using my swords, I could easily kill and protect myself more so than using any gun (although I would still use a gun any time I had the chance). Stay safe my friends.-ZEROFLY Calculate your current risk based on location, training, and preparation. Excellent tool. I keep waiting for zombies to show up here, but nothing so far.

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