Thursday, November 27, 2008

Should I be worried?

Last night I trekked out into the suburban waste land of big box stores and chain restaurant chic. While at BW3's, I was rapidly introduced to a series of people who's names I wouldn't remember. Of note was the one guy with glasses, camel hair coat, and long hair. I extended my hand in greeting and he pointed to his eye saying, "sorry, pink eye." Huh? "yeah, you know,conjunctivitis." Scott Baio was no where to be seen. But what does this have to do with zombies? Note the most obvious symptom of the dreaded pink eye.
This guy was showing the first signs of turning!!! I'm not familiar with the literature, but do people turn more slowly during the earlier stages of an outbreak? Could it be the initial onset of symptoms is so gradual that they go unnoticed? Will he be craving leftover stuffing and brains? If the infection starts in Ohio, I fear it will be hard to tell the infected from normal Ohioans.


Zombie Ree said...

Very interesting. It should be noted that some people are "slow burners" and can take weeks, if not months to become symptomatic after infection. I'm not sure if these pink eye people are pre-zombie, but I'll be keeping a look out for news of strange deaths from "rabies" in Ohio.

Bud the CHUD said...

Yeah, I'd definitely be concerned. If I was slowly turning into a zombie, I'd probably head to BW3's first. Better yet, Hooters. Luckily, you're well placed. Just get on the Magnum, because I'm pretty sure zombies hate Cedar Point. And isn't your blaster is in Ohio?