Thursday, November 27, 2008

Let me start this post off by saying Happy Thanksgiving.

And then let me say that it's amazing what you'll come across when you google "zombie boobs"

I was directed to Even though it sounds like an HIV site (more on that later), it's actually a really good amateur zombie web reality show parody. If fact, I'll go on the record and say that it's the best amateur zombie web reality show parody I've seen this month.

The show revolves around some guys who, upon the zombie outbreak, hole up in an abandoned reality TV frat house (called the Frat House of Representatives). It's a funny show with plenty of humor, wit, and of course, flesh-eating dead. The survivors try their best to learn the basics of zombie defense, but they're a pretty dull lot.

Here are our heroes trying to determine whether another survivor is a zombie.

The guy in the hospital gown (Paul) was at a free clinic when the outbreak started. He just found out that he has HIV, and tries to take a zombie out by injecting it with some of his blood (it doesn't work). At the end of each segment, the characters sign off from the show stating, "My name is X, and I am not infected." When the HIV guy signs off, he say, "My name is Paul, and I am not...a zombie." Funny shit.

Another guy in the house is a self-absorbed asshole (Hartley) who, when asked in an interview about the effects of the zombie outbreak, says "Well, homelessness is up...but they're eating."

And to round out the group, there's Charlie, a good-natured guy who is against killing anything, including zombies. He is what Hartley refers to as a "douchebag".

Couple all of that characterization with some home-made blood squibs for shotgun head shots, and what's there not to love?

The bottom line is that I Am Not Infected is a witty web show that takes zombie cinema back to its low-budget roots and combines it with some modern-day satire and sensibility to produce a thoroughly satisfying zombie experience. I recommend that you check it out.

Oh, and the zombie boobs were blurred out. I know, you just can't win.

Notice the blood-smeared spanish for "I am not infected" on the elevator doors in the free clinic. Genius.

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