Friday, November 7, 2008

Forum Etiquette

In order to facilitate our submission of comments of movies, as administrator, I propose the following format.

1) Whomever picks the movie, will be responsible for submitting the response in the following format:

Synopsis: (let the uniqueness flow from thy pen, make sure to note how realistic the movie is compared to a real zombie invasion- reference any George Romero movie or Max Brooks novel for realism points)

Character Flaws: (what led to their death, turn into zombie, or multiple close-calls)

Zombie defense moves: (to learn what worked, and what didn't)

Personal comments: (if the zombie looked like an ex-girlfriend, Josh Alms, or anything else that struck a personal nerve)

2) All other members will make comments based off their opinions of the movie of the original response.

3) Bud The CHUD is responsible for making a rotation list as to who picks the movie and writes the ensuing response.

4) Any new members will be cycled in as appropriate.... the bottom of the list.

5) When a movie is picked, the Title, Year, Director, and major star (if there is one) must accompany the title of the post.

ex. "Night of the Living Dead", 1968, dir. George Romero, starring Duane Jones

This will eliminate any confusion of sequels, remakes, or similar titles.

Any questions, forward them to Pig hearts Zed. Any comments, go fuck yourself.


Bud the CHUD said...


I like the idea of the synopsis being written by the person who selected the movie.

I'd propose that all other members also rate the movie from 0-5 Severed Legs on the following criteria:


This way, when we've finished watching every zombie movie ever (approximately 15-18 years), we'll have a pretty good ranking system.

Pig hearts Zed said...

I concur, I have already finished Night of the Living Dead, I can start this off if you'd like... 0-5 Severed Legs if very appropriate.

Zombie Ree said...

I like the idea of counting boobs. Furthermore, you must differentiate from live boobs and dead boobs. Extra points for live boobs that later become dead boobs.