Sunday, March 15, 2009

March Double Feature

As the 2nd film (and hopefully a better one), I'm going with Day of the Dead. I actually haven't seen this even though I've seen the other Romero flicks. My guess is the nudity will be low, but it will be solid otherwise.

DAY of the DEAD (1985)
Directed by: George A. Romero

Day of the Dead, the third and concluding chapter in George Romero's zombie trilogy is the most distinctly 1950s-style science fiction version of the lot. Set in Florida, as the film begins the dead have taken over the world, outnumbering humans 400,000 to one. The handful of surviving humans have taken refuge in an underground missile silo and argue and yell at each other like players in a Rod Serling Twilight Zone episode. Among the survivors are Sarah (Lori Cardille) -- a scientist who is trying to reverse the process whereby the dead turn into flesh-eating, irrational zombies -- and Dr. Logan (Richard Liberty) -- an out-of-his-mind psychologist who wants to capture the zombies and turn them into domestic help. Things heat up when the military tries to take over the scientific experiments.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

March Flick

All right boys, here's the next pick

Flesh Eating Mothers (1989)
"This bizarre horror satire involves a rabies-like virus which is spread by a philandering fellow to several harried housewives in the same suburban community, turning them into savage cannibals. That's it for the setup -- what remains is a series of outrageously gory scenes in which the maniacal mommies begin hacking up, cooking, and eating everyone in sight, including local police, stray cats, their loutish husbands, and even their own children. It's up to a few surviving kids to unite against the neighborhood menace and join forces with a doctor to come up with a cure for their mothers' l
lethal affliction."

As a huge fan of Dead Alive, I have high hopes and expectations. I look forward to posting the first review later this month.